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     Who lived here?  The earliest part of Lyss Place was built in the 1300s.  People used to believe, true or not, that it once belonged to the ancient St Mary’s Abbey in Winchester.     


     Over the centuries, it has been home to many families.  Some sought – and fought - to acquire more land in Liss, frequently coming into conflict with neighbours.         


     So it passed down from one generation to another?  Yes, unless its owner sold it or died without an heir. Charles Cole had no children and in 1752, left it to his cousin Herbert Aubrey of Clehonger.


     But there were curious conditions attached to his will.         


     Such as?  All is revealed in Lyss Place, as well as strange happenings over the years: Richard Aubrey Cole living there as a hermit, and a murdered body being found in its well.


     In 445 pages with charts, notes, illustrations and indexes, it costs just £25 for this thoroughly researched and fascinating history of an English country estate.    



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