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     Two Aubrey descendants met by chance.


     When they discovered both were researching the Aubrey family, D Meredith McFadden and Pam Buttrey pooled their resources.


     Born in Oz and much travelled, Meredith’s writing has been broadcast and published in Australasia, Thailand and the UK.


     With an M.A. from the University of Sydney, she became Head of English at a leading girls’ school. 


     Pam was born in Hertfordshire and became a Head Occupational Therapist.


     From there she moved into the world of historical research and writing, with an M.A. in English Local History from the University of Leicester. 


     The two overcame the ‘tyranny of distance’, gathered data, and verified existing records to support the accounts of people and places in their books. 


     Their efforts, published by Aubrey Warsash Publishing, have brought to life accounts of gentry families and their curious characters. 


     They reveal cases of bigamy, bankruptcy, theft and drunkenness, often involving the fate of once wealthy estates. 



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