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     Sons & Spouses tells the story of what two sisters did with the Aubrey wealth they inherited.  


     One heiress dissipated her inheritance with the help of her son & heir.  Made a Colonel in the Spanish army, he lived a life of excitement and ended it in a way that was never expected of an Aubrey of Clehonger!  


     The other heiress had three spouses.  Her last (young) husband, was only too happy to spend her money.


     Her daughter Charlotte, who acquired what was left of her mother’s inheritance, married only twice.  


     One of her spouses died on the verge of bankruptcy, and the next one fled the nest to become an important Senator in the newly formed Italian Parliament.  


     The lives of these colourful characters are all based on recorded documents, but D Meredith McFadden has brought the two heiresses to life, to understand how they might have reacted to the machinations of their Sons & Spouses



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