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(On Survival of a Bomber Command Pilot)

“A wonderful insight into the dangers faced by pilots in World War 2”. (Anon)


”Just wanted to let you know I have just completed reading Survival of a Bomber Command Pilot.  What a fascinating read.  My congratulations.  I`m sure there will be many more who are interested in reading about this part of our history”. 

Margaret Henry (Retired Lecturer in Teacher Education).


(On Salt & Silk)

“You have really caught the character of the self-important males and the longsuffering females and the general uncertainty of the times.  I am truly admiring of your work.”   Eileen Pembridge (lawyer) 


  “I have finished reading Salt & Silk, and had to write to say how much I have enjoyed it.”  Diana White (Author & Editor)  


“Salt & Silk is a great page-turner.”  Jennifer Jackson (Librarian)


"I have just finished reading Salt & Silk.   At first I thought I would just be dipping into it, but in fact I found it fascinating and read it right through from beginning to end.”   Chris Lewin (Historian) 


 (On Silk & Sons)

"I'd like to say how much I enjoyed Silk & Sons. I went back first and re-read the second half of Salt & Silk to get me up to speed with the earlier generations and the personalities around them. I feel I know them all personally now as you bring them to life with such apparent ease.  Steve Aubrey (Property Developer)


"Congratulations on your new book! It is immaculately produced, and fascinating in its content. Well done to Pam too, on both this and her book on Liss. 

Salt & Silk and now Silk & Sons are family histories with a difference…”    Anthony Adolph (Author and Genealogist)


"………and to congratulate you on its readability and interest.  As with the previous Aubrey work, it combines documentation and imaginative reconstruction in a palatable blend.  So I look forward to the sequel!"   Roland Thorne  (Historian and Editor)


(On Cane Hill Hospital)

"I have found the book totally fascinating and the hard work and detail and research you have put in has been amazing…Many thanks for a wonderful read."   Michael Bennett (Team Manager)


(On Lyss Place) 

“my Bank Holiday reading was a fascinating book about the 500-year-history of Lyss Place in Hampshire written by Pam Buttrey, a local historian.”   Edward Fennell, The Times, May 28, 2009



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