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Moving down the track of Morgan Aubrey’s offspring…

Moving down the track of Morgan Aubrey’s offspring – seven generations to be precise – we come to Elizabeth Aubrey who married Gabriel Wynne. In April 1813, His Gracious Majesty George III gave Gabriel permission to change his name.

Henceforth, he and his family would be known as Wynne Aubrey, as would their sons and also their daughters - until marriage. Such was the distinction of the name Aubrey, that two husbands of subsequent daughters, added that name to theirs.

Many of Morgan’s female descendants produced only a handful of children who survived to marry and produce offspring - but not Barbara, the wife of Henry Harcourt Wynne Aubrey.

She bore eighteen children and their children’s children are scattered throughout the world, some of whom we hope, will read this blog.

Barbara took advantage of the new 1857 Matrimonial Causes Act to sue Henry for a divorce on the grounds of adultery. Newspapers reproduced in The British Newspaper Archive gave prurient readers details of the scandal.

Watch this space for particulars – and the name of the co-respondent.

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