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This is a family history blog with a difference

This is a family history blog with a difference. It aims to find all those people who can trace their ancestry to Morgan Aubrey who lived from c1527 to 1608. Born in Wales, he went to London, became a Salter, and died rich, as told in Salt & Silk.

Any researcher worth his/her salt (sorry about that), would want to know what a Salter was, and how he made his money. The Company of Salters knew all about him. Their London archives revealed that he had been an Alderman in the City of London, and headed the list of twenty-four Assistants in the new Charter of the Salters, awarded by King James in 1607.

Salters had a monopoly on the trading and use of salt - a valuable commodity in many ways - . and so Morgan Aubrey died a rich man.

If only tracing his subsequent family was so easy.

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